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Our educational trips will allow you to see the land of Jesus and experience the Bible in a new way.

See the List of 2020 Trips Below.

If you are interested in joining us for any of the trips which still have space, please contact us as soon as possible

2020 Trips

  • January 4-16, 2020 – Pastor Rick Goertzen / Shades Mountain. Community Church, Birmingham, AL [20.01 – Completed – God was good, all went splendidly!]
  • February 22-March 5, 2020 – Pastor Art Nakamura, Foothill Bible Church, Upland CA [20.02 –Completed – delightful group had a delightful time]
  • May 30-June 11, 2020 – Jonah Bookman & Nathan Dewey, Family  Adventure Trip / Pastor Brian Kult, Bethel Baptist Church, Green Bay WI [20.05.2 – Postponed to 2021]
  • June 13-25, 2020 – Pastor Nigel Shailer,  Faith Bible Church, Murieta, CA [20.06 –Postponed to 2021]
  • June 23-July 5, 2020 – Family Trip [20.06.2 – Postponed to 2021]
  • July 4-16, 2020 – Pastor Steve Balentine, San Gabriel Community Church, San Gabriel CA [20.07 – Postponed to 2021]
  • October 3-15, 2020 – Pastor Kirk Welch, Cornerstone Bible, Westfield IN [20.10.01 – Cancelled
  • October 17-29, 2020 – Pastor Alan Plumley, Hope Bible, Columbia MD & Pastor Joe Babij, Calvary Bapt, East Millstone NJ [20.10.02 – Rescheduled as21.10 – Oct 2-14, 2021]
  • October 30-November 13, 2020Knowles Family Trip [20.11 – Rescheduled as 21.02 – Feb 12-24, 2021]
  • December 5-17, 2020 – 20.12 Shepherds Seminary Israel Initiative Study Trip [20.12 – Limited access. Space for Donor Partners] Still scheduled, but may have to be delayed until April 10-22, 2021


2021 Trips

  • January 9-21, 2021 – 21.01 Pastor Jason Wredberg, Redeemer Bible, Minnetonka MN [21.01 – Still SpacePostponed to January 8-20, 2022
  • February 12-24, 2021 – 21.02 Knowles Family Trip [20.11 – Rescheduled from Nov 2020 – Full]
  • February 27 – March 11 – 21.02.2 Pastor Brian Kult, Bethel Baptist Church of Green Bay WI [21.02 – Still Space]
  • March 13-25 – 21.03 Pastor David McManus, Plainfield Bible Church of Plainfield IN and Pastor Chuck Hickman of Port Gardner Bible Church of Everett WA [21.03 – Still Space]
  • April 10-22 – 21.04 – Shepherds Seminary Israel Initiative Student Trip [TENTATIVE – in case 20.12 Decembre5-17, 2020 has to be postponed]
  • May 16-29 – 21.05 Dr. Paul Plew, The Masters University Quadrennial Chorale & Friends Study Trip [21.05 Cancelled – perhaps rescheduled in May 2022]
  • June 5-17, 2021 – 21.06 Dr. Josh Stephens, Biblical Counseling Alliance [21.06 – Still Space]
  • June 19 – July 1 – 21.06 Pastor Nigel Shailer of Faith Bible Church, Murrieta CA [21.06.2 – Little Space]
  • July 3-15 – 21.07 Pastor Steve Balentine of San Gabriel Community Church [Little Space]
  • July 17-29 – 21.07.2 Brownewell Family / Bookman Ministries [Open]
  • October 2-14 – 21.10 Pastor Alan Plumley, Hope Bible, Columbia MD & Pastor Joe Babij, Calvary Bapt, East Millstone NJ [Rescheduled from 2020Some space]
  • December 4-16 – 21.12 Shepherds Seminary Israel Initiative Student Trip [Some space]

2022 Trips

  • January 8-20 – 22.01 Pastor Jason Wredberg, Redeemer Bible, Minnetonka MN and Pastor Rick Goertzen, Shades Mountain Community Church of Birmingham AL  [Still Space] Rescheduled from Jan 2021.

NOTE: It is my observation that it is unfortunate that a person has to go to Israel the first time, because the first time is so overwhelming given the amount of learning to be experienced in that land. So if a person could skip the first time and go the second time, it would be even more valuable. But we haven’t figured out a way to skip the first time! So the best remedy is to study the land before you take that first trip.

With that in mind, we have crafted a website where you can access a wealth of resources and instruction concerning the land of Israel – its geography in all of its parts, its history biblical and modern, its culture and dynamics, and more. This link will take you to that site. Click on Bookman Ministries, and then scroll down to Study Trip Preparatory Resources. There will be a registration process (simple, one-time), and you will be asked for an enrollment key – use BookmanIsrael! – just like that. You are welcome to put any of those resources to use, whether or not you ever travel to Israel with us.

The study trips are focused on helping the traveler understand the nexus between the narrative of the Scriptures and the land of Israel – the land which is, after all, the stage upon which so much of that sacred narrative was played out. The focus throughout the trip is on learning, both the geography of the land and the narrative of the Bible.

Our study trips are “land only” trips. This means that the cost of the trip does not include airfare to and from Israel; travelers are responsible to reserve and pay for air flights on their own. An arrival date is announced for each trip, and travelers are expected to arrive in Tel Aviv by that date.

We organize and lead study trips to Israel as a teaching ministry not as a formal business but simply because we love to teach the Bible, and there is no teaching venue more delightful and effective than the land of Israel.

Ask us about starting or joining a trip

What does a trip look like?

Our trips are physically and educationally demanding, but we do have a lot of fun! Check out the sample itinerary and photos from one of our recent trips to Israel.

During a typical trip, this is the type of itinerary you can expect.

DAY 1 – Depart for Israel

DAY 2 – Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel

DAY 3 – Visit the Coastal Plains & The Jezreel Valley

DAY 4 – Visit the Sea of Galilee

DAY 5 – Northern Galilee / Huleh Valley

DAY 6 – Jordan Rift

DAY 7 – Negev /Shephelah

DAY 8 – Introduction to Jerusalem

DAY 9 – Judea/Ephraim/Samaria

DAY 10 – Jerusalem / OT

DAY 11 – Jerusalem / NT

DAY 12 – Jesus’ Final Hours

DAY 13 – Travel home

To view a more detailed sample itinerary, click here.